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Kewpie "Too is a Rose Breasted cockatoo,(Cacatua roseicapilla) is the "real" name for his species).

I was lucky enough to get this young lady from Nancy Speed, a wonderful breeder of many types of parrots in Yazoo City, Mississippi. I went there to pick her up at Nancy's request, she didn't think shipping a weaned "rosie" was conducive to a confident bird, I went. It was a great experience to meet Nancy, and see the way she raises her parrots with loving care. Nancy and Joe Speed raise Arabian horses as well, so it was a real treat for me to spend the day with all of these wonderful animals!

Kewpie 'Too is the softest and sweetest baby birdie, she loves to eat and she flies into which ever room I am in to keep me company. There is no keeping her anywhere she doesn't want to be unless she is in her cage. She is a very good flier and I am thinking of teaching her to fly to me on command.

This will mean that I have to be VERY VERY careful around the house for ceiling fans and open doors. I have to think very carefully about this before I make a decision about whether or not to clip her wings.

I will add more on Kewpie as she matures. She sure is a sweetie and her cute little looks will melt my heart.

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