Tilly is a moluccan cockatoo, or Cacatua moluccensis

Tilly is a very happy and exuberant parrot. He is strong, active and playful much of the time and he is loving, kind and curious. Tilly loves people, almost everyone, I call him my "party" bird.

Tilly, like most moluccan cockatoos is very vocal at times and can be very loud and piercing in his range of sound. Usually he just can't help himself and it is the sound of a joyful parrot. He is also very adept at imitating human speech. He calls me by name and refers to himself by name, and is capable of keeping a tune as well. Visitors always like Tilly the best of all of the birds because he doesn't bite anyone and is usually willing to step up on a stranger's arm as well.

Tilly is extremely intelligent and I work at keeping him happy and entertained. A moluccan cockatoo is not the parrot for the faint of heart or the clean of house.

Tilly also loves music and will dance and hang UPSIDE DOWN. Tilly also has a repertoire of tricks. He likes to throw things for me to catch. He tries to make me miss.



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